A 16-day road trip in Scotland story


A glorious 16-day road trip through rugged coastlines, powering waterfalls, and golden beaches to castles, mountain peaks, and sunlit valleys: enjoy Scotland in time-lapse!

Scotland has “truly stolen a piece of my heart” – with this amazing words, our friend Alexis Coram introduces his short time lapse film which features a compilation of memories from his trip.

One captivating adventure after another. 16-days simply wasn’t enough time to see all that Scotland beholds.
What I wanted to do here was simple: Portray the beauty, versatility, and tenacity of this small yet perfectly formed dot on the world map. My mixed use of color and black & white photography represents the dichotomy between the colorful life and dark history that has filled these lands; and tells you a little about how I see the world.

Scotland timelapse 2015 02


Will this video steal your heart too?

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