The house of Northern Lights, by Marco Equitani

His favorite place, a second home, a wonderful place where the lack of the sun is filled by the light of the Northern Lights at night.

Marco Equitani shared with us the following details on his video, which was created using LRTimelapse:

Do you think it’s possible to make a timelapse in
Norway between rain and blizzards in the middle of winter? The answer is “Of course not!”, it is scientifically proven that it is not possible, to succeed is almost a miracle! Well this is my miracle, against all odds and challenging nature several times, I managed to get just 6000 shots to make a timelapse even in this fantastic corner of the planet beyond the Arctic Circle! This was my second visit to Tromsø in just over three months; my first time was in December, a three-day tap-and-run just to admire the Northern Lights for the first time but without pretense, despite the weather was definitely not on my side, and if it is complicated to realize a timelapse in six days, making one in three days would have challenged the laws of the universe! In my second expedition, although the weather was against me again, I did my best to pay tribute to this land with a timelapse, showing both the beauty of these places during the day and of course the light show that almost every night light up the skies of Norway! I arrived in Tromsø where I stayed for four days

retracing many of the roads that I had already beaten a few months before, I went up to Senja and not happy, with car and under an eight-hour snowstorm, I arrived to the extreme point of Lofoten for two days, before setting out again for one last night in Tromsø! I don’t know how many people have ever visited Lofoten by driving from Tromsø under a blizzard, many people keep telling me it was absolutely crazy, but it’s getting out of the ordinary that makes us do wonderful things!


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