2020 in Time-Lapse, by Mattia Bicchi

A new addition to Mattia’s great time-lapse portfolio – polished using LRTimelapse – this time released at the stunning 8K HDR resolution!

Mattia Bicchi shared with us the following details on his video:

2020 has been a struggle for so many people, I feel grateful that despite all the bad things that happened around the world I managed to keep going! I made this timelapse to showcase some of the best work I shot this year! And to make it more challenging I made it in 8K 60fps in HDR!
This was my first time using the HDR technology, it took me 16 hours to export this 3 minutes video! So if you have a 4K or 8K HDR TV or monitor, watch it in HDR to get the most of it!
Thanks to @Alberto Vuolato for the beautiful soundtrack, check out his work here:


If you want to know more about Mattia Bicchi, don’t forget to check the following out:

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