Interesting time-lapse sequences of the High Roller in Las Vegas

Artistically shot time-lapse sequences taken around and on the “High Roller” giant wheel at the Linq in Las Vegas, with some great shots of the city and far mountains.

The High Roller Las Vegas is the world’s tallest observation wheel. Our story is about how the High Roller dominates the Las Vegas skyline and the breathtaking views of that skyline from the High Roller. The High Roller takes about 30 minutes to go all the way around. When you are actually riding inside the High Roller the experience is amazing. The challenge was to make a video about that amazing daytime, sunset and nighttime experiences without putting the viewer to sleep. The answer was time lapse photography.
It took 11 times around on the High Roller and the entire shoot was completed in 2 days with a 1 person crew. The time lapse gear blocks the view for paying guests so I was required to ride in a private cabin. As it turns out this was a good thing because of reflections. I learned a few things about shooting inside a glass bubble and reflections.
All in all I shot 28 time lapse sequences with a total of just over 11,000 individual images. Since the individual images are shot in the RAW format they offer all the editing capabilities that come with high resolution RAW images. This also means the source images are 4K. The RAW format combined with the 4K resolution provide additional creativity when edited in a 1920 x 1080 HD video.

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