Timedrift, the first one to make it to the Best of 2015 time-lapse videos


Watch Martin Heck’s stunning latest time-lapse creation “Timedrift”, bringing his “Timestorm Films” to be the first awarded with a Best of 2015 on Time Lapse Network!

Based in central Germany, Timestorm Films is a start-up media production company specializing in motion-control time-lapse cinematography which deliver beautiful footage of the highest quality.

Timedrift is like a proof of what the young film-maker Martin can do: capture the beauty of Nature, and showcasing it the most spectacular way!

Around 6 years ago I started time-lapse shooting with a basic point-and-shoot camera by speeding up live video in post-production. Pretty quick it became clear that this isn’t the proper way to create extraordinary time-lapse pieces. By purchasing a DSLR I was able to achieve a massive improvement in quality.
The next advance came in the field of camera movement so I started to build own Motion-Control gear, usable for time-lapse. I constructed several small, motorised camera sliders. I developed this into a system which can be used either as motion controlled time-lapse-slider or as jib with length from 1m to 4m.
My goal with time-lapse-photography is to capture what can’t be seen by the human eye in combination with the most beautiful landscapes and impressive cityscapes.

alps 4k timelapse 02


Let’s give Timedrift a big round of applause: don’t you agree this is truly a piece of art?

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