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An indicative table of exposure times and intervals for time-lapse


A pocket and indicative guide to exposure times and intervals recommended to those who want to produce excellent time-lapse, without missing a shot!

The values shown here are suitable to produce a minimum of trail and avoid movies where the transition between one frame and the other is too strong.

This value can be increased or decreased depending on your tastes.

To be able to take photographs with these exposure times is sometimes necessary to use appropriate filters (ND).

Subject Exposure (sec.) Interval (sec.)
Close People 0,2 2
Far People 0,2 2
Daily Traffic 0,1 1
Nightly Traffic 1 2
Fast Clouds 0,1 1
Drive-lapse 0,1 1
Water (silk effect) 0,6 1
Sunset or sunrise Variable From 2 to 4
Slow Clouds 0,1 From 2 to 4
Sun (Without Clouds) 0,1 Da 5 a 20
Moon 0,1 Da 5 a 20
Shade 0,1 Da 5 a 20
Stars Variable depending on formula
(600/focal length). From 15 to 60
Exposure +
Storing Time

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Recommended time-lapse intervals (Video tutorial)

It’s a pleasure to include this brief video created by our professional timelapser and friend Matthew Vandeputte (watch his amazing videos to know what he is capable of). Matthew introduces his personal suggestions for shooting different time-lapse subjects.


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