Take the walk across the peninsula of Jutland

Across a Peninsula 4K

Northern Europe is certainly extremely popular for its beautiful natural scenery. This time Jonas shows us the beautiful landscapes of the Jutland Peninsula that forms the mainland part of Denmark.

Jonas says:

This video is a collection of my best timelapses through 7 months of work that has been boiled down to just over two minutes. It shows the beauty of the peninsula Jutland which forms the western part of Denmark. From the coast of Djursland in east to the coast of Hanstholm in west.



Wide angle shots, sunsets, sunrises, the Milky Way and the dancing Aurorae Borealis, all put together in this beautiful and fast paced time lapse short film.

The colour grading establishes a good balance between HDR and the natural look and feel of the scenes, just enough to give to the images that bit of a more dramatic look.

Doesn’t this just makes you want to grab your camera, go there and shoot? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Equipment Used

Cameras: Canon DSLR
Lenses: n.a.
Slider/Dolly: Dynamic Perception
Other info: n.a.


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