Timelapse journey telling the story of a bike adventure around Baltic Sea

A bike adventure around Baltic Sea: 10 countries and more than 9000 km by bike across Scandinavia, polished using LRTimelapse.

Philippe Steinmayr shared with us the following details on his video:

Inspired by impressive landscapes and motivated from the desire to travel, the idea was born to go by bike from our home (south germany) crossing Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic States, heading to the north of Norway and then following the Norwegian fjords down to the south. Afterwards, crossing Sweden and Denmark for coming back home: 10 countries, more than 9000 km and a lot of moving pictures.
The full movie will be published in the mid of April 2018. Still working on a few subtitles, to have apart from the German Original, also English, Czech, Lithuanian, Finnish and more languages available.


If you want to know more about Philippe Steinmayr, don’t forget check the following out:

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