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GoPro HERO6 Black: How to Take a Time-Lapse

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In this guest-post created by our friend Richard Gaspari, we are going to present how to use a GoPro Hero6 camera for time-lapse photography and video recording.

If you are passionate about photography, then you probably tried some of the most interesting photography techniques.

There are a lot of methods and setting which help you get different types of photos. Some involve using different lightings while other just the basic setting on your camera.

If you want to find out more about different photography techniques or see in-depth reviews of cameras you can check out Creative Photo Connect.

In this article, we are going to talk about time-lapse photography. Also, we are going to present how to use a GoPro Hero6 camera for time-lapse photography and video recording.

What is Time-Lapse photography?

First of all, let’s start with a simple question: What is time-lapse photography? This is a special photography technique where the frequency at which the film frames are captured is lower than the frequency used to play the sequence back.

This technique helps you capture things that happens in minutes seem like they last just for 2-3 seconds. Because of this technique you can shoot time-lapse photography and videos which capture more events in a matter of seconds.

Think of this technique as a way to manipulate time.

Among the first times this technique was used is in a film made by Arnold Fanck in a series of work named Bergfilms, including The Holy Mountain in 1926. The one who made this technique known to the public was a banker named John Otto who built a time-lapse equipment to see the growth of plants.

How to shoot a time-lapse with GoPro HERO6 Black

Now that you know more about time-lapse photography, you should also learn how to take amazing videos and photos using this technique.

Nowadays, you don’t need a special equipment in order to take amazing time-lapse photos and videos.

Step 1: Necessary equipment

One thing you should have if you want the photos and videos to come out perfectly is a tripod. This is going to help you keep the camera still and to avoid a blurred video or photo.

If you are using a GoPro HERO6 Black camera you won’t need a tripod. This is an action camera so you can use it while riding the bike or your car. It is especially designed for taking photos and videos while on the move.

Step 2: The scene

Another important thing you should take into consideration before shooting time-lapse photography is the scene.

You can’t just pick up your GoPro Hero6 camera and start capturing time-lapse videos or photos because you might be disappointed.

As a time-lapse photographer you should anticipate the changes in scene. This means that you should get used to the scene before and find the right angle.

Step 3: Setting up the camera

After you got used to the scene and found the right spot to shoot time-lapse photos or videos, you should set and prepare the GoPro camera.

You should know that there are different time-lapse intervals for different scenes.

For instance, if you are shooting sunsets or slow-moving clouds the time lapse interval is 5 seconds. However, for drive-lapses or moving cars the interval is 1 second.

GoPro HERO 6 Time-lapse settings

Now, let’s set up the camera.

First, you need to tap anywhere on the screen of the GoPro Hero6 Black. After that, select the shooting mode icon for the bottom left.

Then, make sure to tap the time lapse icon and the Time Lapse Video or Time Lapse Photo. On this camera you also have a night lapse photo setting if you want to try out new things

Other settings

Once you selected the time lapse video or photo you can adjust the setting by pressing the RES for resolution, the FOV for field of view, and INTR for interval.

Make sure to check out the best interval for your scene before you change this setting.

After you made all the changes tap again on the screen to hide the settings and see what you are capturing.

Special intervals for time-lapse

As we mentioned earlier, you can use the same intervals for every scene you want to shoot.

For a GoPro Hero 6 Black an interval of 2 seconds is the most used for time-lapse photography.

With this camera you can choose between 0.5 seconds to 60 seconds.

If you want to slow down your video you will have to choose an interval of 0.5 seconds or 1 second. On the other hand, if you want the time to pass faster choose an interval between 5 to 60 seconds.

GoPro HERO6: Capturing the Time-lapse

When you want to start recording the video or take the photo all you have to do is to use the Shutter button on top of the camera.

The red LED of the camera will blink which indicates the fact that the camera is capturing the footage. Here you will also see the amount of Time Lapse video footage you captured.

Once you are done press the Shutter button again to stop the camera from shooting the time-lapse video.

This is how you take time-lapse photography using the GoPro Hero 6 Black.

This technique is simple to use and it has amazing effects. While time-lapse photography was hard to use because you needed a special equipment, nowadays it is extremely easy.

All you have to do is to change a few settings on you action camera and you are ready to shoot.

GoPro HERO 6 Black is one of the best cameras for time-lapse photography. This action camera is also simple to use and very useful because it has a lot of extra features. Its price however is a bit high considering that there are other cameras which have almost the same features.

GoPro Hero 6 Time-Lapse Video Tutorial and Tips (VIDEO)

If you have not much time, check this video tutorial done by MountMedia:

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