The ultimate astrophotography destination in the world

Hanle in Ladakh could be probably called “the ultimate astrophotography destination in the world” due to its high altitude, low humidity and sub zero temperatures which results in it’s Class 1 Bortle Scale night skies. 

vikas chander shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished using LRTimelapse:

In 2017, i spent 20 nights under the skies of Hanle and came away with nearly 50000 images and over 100 timelapse sequences…. the best of which appear in this timelapse.

50000 Raw images…
20 days and nights of imaging…..
15000 ft above mean sea level…
11% effective oxygen levels…
Sub Zero temperatures….


If you want to know more about vikas chander, don’t forget check the following out:

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