The metal skeletons of the silver state


The intro shot of the graffiti ridden old wrecked cars, piled on top of each other, is absolutely awesome! The colours, shapes and pure unadulterated imagery stop you in your tracks – read on…

This film by Derrick Lytle calls Nevada the Silver State because it was an area rich in silver. It achieved statehood during the Civil War and now it opens up its secrets to us.

Whilst the lakes and snows are clean and white, by contrast we see rusty, dirty and decaying images, followed by barbed wire, but not ugly. Somehow even they have beauty when seen against the backdrop of this wonderful place.

Music is important to these shots and the chosen soundtrack for this film is superb; it’s laid back but gentle and somehow has just the right resonance required for the journey upon which we are taken.

We are taken from the desert to the city and the clash and crash of bright lights – so stunned are our senses by the change in tempo. It feels good to return to the desert and the quiet of the night, more subtle in its beauty than the city’s statues of gold.

StateScapes- Nevada - A Time-Lapse Film 01

Old machinery makes us wonder as to what it was like when the mines were thronged with people vying for the silver treasure. The imagery of the lone rock reflecting in the clear water, topped with just a few trees is classic.

The sky and stars are framed through ‘window ‘shapes, adding to their entrancing state. Brick mounds sit settled upon the ground with the heavens flashing over their heads.

Nearly two years of shooting in free time while traveling through Nevada and this is the result in time-lapse form. From Las Vegas to the Ruby Mountains there’s so much beauty and oddity in the Silver State that it deserves more than just one short video. I can’t wait to go back and continue this project. If you’re a proud Nevadan please give this a share.

StateScapes- Nevada - A Time-Lapse Film 00


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