A mindful journey through the nature of Norway

Only in silence can we hear the song of nature. A mindful journey through the nature of Norway, from the highest and coldest mountains down to the sandy beach on Norway’s west coast.

Casper Rolsted shared with us the following details on his video:

On the way you will experience sunrises and sunsets in the mountains, glaciers, melting ice and snow, rivers, lakes, forests and blooming fruit trees at the Hardangerfjord.

This is the first episode in my silence project. Through a series of films I will present nature at its most natural. To fully capture the authentic atmosphere of the places I have combined the visuals with a detailed soundscape. No music or artificial sound effects have been used in this film project only the songs from nature’s own sound library. To make the experience as natural as possible both the audio and video are recorded in some of nature’s most undisturbed places.

Read more about this project on my homepage.


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