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DIY| How to build a cheap non-motorized slider for GoPro Hero


This video tutorial shows you how easy it is to build a slider for a micro camera like the Go Pro Hero. It’s really very simple, because all you need are some special tools, and 3 minutes of your time.

If you do not want to read the post, watch the video below otherwise proceed in reading the article:

How to build a cheap an inexpensive non-motorized slider for GoPro Hero

Everyone knows that the GoPro Hero HD is a great camera for anyone who does sports photography and videos.

This camera can also shoot slow movements, but to do so you will need to tighten it to a motorised slider (dolly). The problem is that you do not want to tie the Go Pro (weighing 200 grams) with a heavy slider to carry around.

While I was visiting the German company Igus, I found something perfect for the GoPro and in general for all small cameras on the consumer market (like Camcoder Panasonic HDC-SD99, HDC-HS900, or the Sony CX360VE, or the Canon etc..).

Here’s everything you need to create for you this slider:

That’s it!
The one below is my solution of 1 meter:


And of course, you can choose a shorter version, like the 60cm or 80cm.



The full slider weighs only 600 grams, including the Manfrotto support.

Just to give an idea, here is a comparison between the 60mm guide that holds micro cameras and the one that hold bigger cameras.


For the 100cm version is best to use a double tripod to support it, while it only takes one for the 60cm version.


To purchase the guide is sufficient to order the hardware directly from the Igus site at an approximate cost of € 60 plus shipping.

This tutorial is the authorized translation of an article from the German photographer and videomaker Friedhelm Fischer, and we thank him for his kindness and availability.


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