Digislider Video and Time Lapse Kit – Review


Discover the kit Digislider for the timelapser: features, functionality and field test in a review by Alan Stucchi


TLI DigiSlider Review - rail

The Digislider dolly is based on IGUS rail and cart specially drilled and threaded to make them compatible with the tripods available on the market and with the motorising system shown later in this review.

The sliders are available for purchase in different lengths: 50cm, 75cm and 100cm.

The cart that comes with it is also IGUS and consists in an aluminium base on which is attached a screw 3/8 for the attachment of a standard head and 4 passers-by who are used to make it slide on the rail.

On the side of the cart there is also a screw to lock it to the rail during transport.

The Digislider Add On

TLI DigiSlider Review - add_on

This system is based on two aluminium terminals that attach to each end of the rail.

These terminals are of aluminum cans that contain a pulley supported by a plug, both aluminium. The belt is passed around the pulley from one end of the rail to the other.

In the upper part of the terminals are present, on one side a convenient handle which allows you to operate the slider by hand to produce video, while on the other side is present a pulley slightly more larger than the internal one.

This second pulley is the one to which will be attached the motor for the movement of the cart controlled by the remote. The weight of this system is really a minimal addition to the weight of the rail and cart.


TLI DigiSlider Review - MotorThe motors that you can buy are of two types:

  • fast motor: recommended for video production (max speed: 15 seconds per meter)
  • slow motor: specifically for the production of timelapse (max speed: up to 3 or 4 hours per meter according to the type of power that is used)

Both engines have the same ‘look’.
The aluminium part that protrudes from the engine is the support to attach it to the far end of the guide where the pulley is. The motor is attached with two simple screws by hand (in the photo) and it is so very convenient to remove it quickly for transportation.


The remote controls that you can buy are of 3 types:

  • Video remote (first image,from the left)
    Used to control the fast motor for video
  • Video remote (second image, from the left)
    Used to control the motor for fast or slow motor for video or timelapse if you use an interval timer. It has an internal battery instead of using the external one.
  • SMS or Shoot-Move-Shoot (third image)
    Is used to trigger the camera, move the guide and trigger it again and so on. This allows you to be sure that while the camera is taking the picture, the cart is not moving thus avoiding blurred shots.

TLI Digislider Review - Telecomandi


Recently, they have introduced the possibility to extend the rails. This means that you can have a guide theoretically the length that you want without having the problem of space in transport due to the fact that this is to combine several guides IGUS one after the other.

For example you can have a guide 1.50 m joining two 75cm and this allows you to carry the guide with the space occupied of only 75 cm but having the same length as the one 1.50m long.

Digislider Review - Estensioni

If you want to buy an extension it’s enough to buy a second rail, a plate that is used to connect the two rails together and the belt of the correct length.

If you want to, you can also buy the special hand screws that give you freedom to assemble/disassemble the two rails on the field very quickly.

Quick release plate and kill switch

TLI DigiSlider Review - quick release plate

The quick release plate is practically a method of attachment of the motor much more convenient and fast, and very useful if you want to be fast and convenient when you are on the field.

It is positioned in place of the toothed wheel which goes on the motor and when you are on the field you just need to loosen a screw to attach and detach the motor for transport.

The Kill switch is a switch that makes sure that when the cart reaches the limit, it stops automatically instead of straining with the risk of burning the motor.

This allows you to protect it in case you are distracted while performing a timelapse.

Complete system

TLI DigiSlider Review - kit Lapse


The strength of this slider is undoubtedly the modularity. You can add items as you like and everyone can assemble a system to suit their needs and requirements on the field.

You can extend almost indefinitely with regard to the length without sacrificing portability at all.


A slightly negative (but it depends from person to person) can be the fact that when you receive it you have to spend a bit of time to assemble it.

It does not come with any type of carry bag.


To conclude this review of our friend Alan – that we thank for his kindness and availability – we include the Digislider video showing the assembly of the product:


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