Witness the morning transformation of fog and sunlight over a small Canadian lake

This film captures a very foggy late summer morning where a massive wall of rolling fog dominates the lake landscape until the sunrise burns it away.

A Brian Moore’s time-lapse video shot on Nikon D750, Sony A7S II, polished with LRTimelapse and MoCo using Dynamic Perception Stage R.

Brian shared the following details on his video:

A short time-lapse film, captured over the Canadian Labour Day weekend from Port Sydney Beach, of dense fog filtering through the sunrise over Mary Lake in Port Sydney, Ontario, Canada. Port Sydney, a small village located in the District of Muskoka, is a popular area for tourism because of its many lakes, rivers, waterfalls and its proximity to the City of Toronto.

I arrived at 5:45am to just capture sunrise photos of Mary Lake. I immediately changed plans once I saw that the entire lake was covered by a blanket of dense fog that looked like clouds moving over the lake. The footage was captured over a span of 3 hours with a total capture of 4000 images.

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