Watch the best long term time-lapse ever: Lion City II, by Keith Loutit

Maybe Keith won’t agree with our definition, but trust us: we’ve NEVER seen such perfectly post-produced long-term time-lapse sequences in a video: a must watch, full stop.

Keith said:

When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly. The idea behind this film is to reveal this change by returning to the same camera positions over the years.
Special thanks to Michael for composing the amazing soundtrack, and for keeping me motivated over the past few years of shooting. This was a long term collaboration with Michael who visited every year from Copenhagen so we could develop the music and footage side by side, each influencing the other.

And no, those are not CGI (computer generated imagery)!

To answer the most common question, no the long term construction moves are not CGI. The most significant post work was blending shots from different times of day, or different days into composites.

An amazing piece of art, congratulations!

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