Travel to Poland and be inspired by this new epic Flow Motion video

Professional photographer specialized in timelapse and hyperlapse photography Tomasz Walczak has just released his new epic work, which took months of preparation, 11 days of shooting and 1+ mo. of post production: Panta Rhei Wrocław!

Tomasz is the Master who provided us with one of the most clicked tutorials on Time Lapse Network dedicated to Dolly Zoom (AKA Vertigo Effect) hyper-lapse. Make sure you read that, and discover how you can do one yourself too!

On this new one, he said:

Panta Rhei Wrocław is a hyperlapse project I wanted to do for a long time. It shows one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and this year’s European Capital of Culture 2016 – Wrocław. That’s my biggest project so far. Of course you can see in this video inspiration of Rob Whitworth’s flow motion videos. The whole project took months of preparation, 11 days of shooting and over a month of post production.
The title refers to the flow motion technique of the film and also to the Heraclitus philosophy.

Don’t forget to check the detailed Behind The Scenes article Tomasz has published on his website.

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