The Unreal, by Samim Qazi (Should we call this kaleido-lapse?)

Professional time-lapser Samim Qazi created a fascinating new work of art using mirror and kaleidoscope techniques to create a mind boggling effect.

Samim Qazi shared with us the following details on his video created with Canon cameras and polished using LRTimelapse:

I have come up with another project, unlike my usual work but yet exciting, named it “The Unreal”.

I have used mirror and kaleidoscope technique to create this mind boggling clip of art. Furthermore I have used Adobe Premier to process all the frames using Transform and Mirror effects. I named it The Unreal because you will see floating buildings and similar visuals.

I must say this technique will give wonderful output if used on Motion timelapse or Hyperlapse.

Never stop imagining !!!!


If you want to know more about Samim Qazi, don’t forget check the following out:

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