The Other Iceland, by Marco Equitani

A unique land, wonderfully hostile, shaped and forged by fire, wind and ice.

Marco Equitani shared with us the following details on his video, which was created on LRTimelapse:

This is my last timelapse, “The other Iceland”, because during our expedition we tried to discover the north of the island and concentrate little on everything that is seen and reviewed every day! Unfortunately even nine days are not enough for this, the weather literally make us KO for the first four days and then the south/east wind made things even more complicated; the north of the island after our arrival was hit by a violent winter storm, the strongest of the last decade for October, so we were forced to drive in desperate conditions and clearly we could not shoot as we wanted! The south of the island instead gave us clear skies and the northern lights, but the wind in the Vestrahorn area exceeded 100 km / h so managing two cameras was impossible, and the excessive number of tourists who are now invading the Iceland also influenced the final resault of my timelapse! Find a quide place where you can stay alone face to face with the nature in Iceland is now impossible, at least one tourist in the immediate vicinity is always…and they

are not always all polite, especially those with more than one reflex at the neck and the selfie stick! Iceland is an amazing land, everywhere there is something to photograph and something to admire; I think there’s much more to discover yet and I hope to be more lucky in my next expedition on the island! I hope you enjoy the video!


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