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When you think an artist has reached the apex of his career.. that’s when someone like Geoff Tompkinson surprises you with something fresh and really cool: let’s talk about “HyperZooming through Hallstatt”, Austria.

The beautiful historic town of Hallstatt is a Unesco World Heritage site in Upper Austria.
It is visited by many thousands of tourists each year but perhaps none of them get to see it quite like this.
As if on the back of an invisible insect we fly around the sites of this wonderful town in one continuous journey passing through buildings to emerge in different parts of the town, finally ending up on the new viewpoint from Rudolfsturm perched high above the ancient town square.
Those of you who know Hallstatt, as well as anyone who watches the video carefully, will appreciate that I have applied a little artistic licence to the geometry of the town in order to seamlessly link the locations.
The footage was shot over a two day period but the post production, of course, took considerably longer.


Get ready to see again something different: enjoy Hallstatt!

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