A new light on Belgium, by Charles Pacqué

Immerse yourself into the life and landscape of Belgium, from Ardens to the coast, in this HD hyper-lapse shot with Canon gear.

It’s a personal, 3-partial project that showcases my progress in timelapse photography.
Evolution III is picturing Belgium from the Ardens till the coastline plus a bit of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France).
This film is the third and last part of this project.
This project was about making and sharing the “evolution” of my work. When I look back now at the first film, I’m kind of ashamed that it’s still on my channel.
Evolution brought me a ton of opportunities, I got to know a lot of new people and I learned so much.
I’m happy it’s finished. Now it’s time for something new.
While making this project, I saw there is a ton of life and so much to see in this little country.
There’s little hills and woods here, small villages and big cities, and we have a coast too!
Locations in this video: Oostduinkerke, Bruges, Ronse, Oudenaarde, Ghent, Ninove, Antwerp, Brussels, Steenkerque, Braîne-le-Comte, Soignis, Vollezele, Nismes (Fondry Des Chiens), Namur, Dinant, Botassart, Eupen (Lac de la Gileppe), Lille (France), Escalles/Wissant/Audinghen (France)

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