How to build a solar farm, a time-lapse/drone-lapse

Watch the U.K.’s largest solar farm be built in three months of impressive hyperlapse footage shot from a drone.

This film creatively presents the key stages in the construction of a Belectric solar farm. For three months I lived next to the site in Oxfordshire and trudged around this enormous muddy field. It has taken me a year to create this massively edited down version from a huge amount of footage. Belectric understood my stipulation that I needed a drone for this job, so they bought me a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with gimbal. Combined with conventional time-lapse techniques, the film takes us on a frantic, techno charged journey from empty fields to gleaming solar panels in under 3 minutes. Landmead delivers 46 Megawatts, powering 14,000 UK homes for 25 years.

For the time-lapse shots I used a Canon 5D Mark II. Drone shots DJI Phantom 2 & Gopro camera. For post production, Lightroom, After Effects & Final Cut Pro. And a very slow macbook – which is why it took me a year to edit! – Time-lapse Wizardry – Solar Solutions

Music composed by Niklas Ahlstrom of Epidemic Sound

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