Incredible 8K timelapse video of southern Patagonia

New epic time-lapse video from professional time-lapser Martin Heck shot in Patagonia (remember his previous one?) on a Nikon D850.

Which one would you rate the highest?!

Martin Heck shared with us the following details on his video:

My second visit to the southern tip of South America. My first trip in 2015 was incredible and resulted in some of my most successful videos. Even though this was a work-trip and I just had 4 days to spend in the amazing Torres del Paine Nationpark in Chile is was sight to behold. Early in spring snow, wind and stormy winds were always part of the game. Weather completely flipped from warm and calm into a snow-storm within minutes. But that’s what we expect and makes Patagonia such a special and wild place.
Filmed with an array of great cameras including the RED-EPIC-W “Helium”, Nikon D850 and Sony A7RII and mastered in 8K 60FPS.

MUSIC: “Dream Of Us 3″ – Johannes BornlöfDynamic Perception Stage 1 Plus


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