Stunning Time-Lapse of Oman in various seasons

A stunning 4K Time-Lapse/Hyper-lapse of Oman, captured over the last 2 years, showing its diverse landscape over various seasons.

A Falaah Nasser’s new video, polished using LRTimelapse:

Most people picture Oman and middle east in general as dry and hot climate with vast deserts and dunes in a very harsh environment.This is a Time-Lapse video that I shot over the past two years showing the diverse landscape of Oman, from the amazing fjords of Musandam, to the long and beautiful beaches and deep canyons and valleys, to the beautiful dunes of the Empty Quarter desert “Al Rub’a Al Khali” to the lush greenery of Dhofar. As well as showing Oman ancient and modern faces.


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