An amazing journey through Bucharest at night

This video will show you some the main attractions of Bucharest, from modern to historical building architecture to parks and nightlife, Bucharest is full stories from every angle. Shot on Canon 600D and Sony A6000.

Andrei Solomon shared with us the following details on his video:

This is my first project of this kind.
The production of this video began on September 19, 2014 and the last scene was shot on August 30, 2017.
I wanted to capture the shades of dark, especially between autumn and winter, when days are shorter, giving enough time to create the hyperlapses.
About 12,000 photos and 2 videos were used.
I’ve used Lightroom , After Effects and Final Cut X for post production.
As the city constantly changes, I plan on updating and improve it every 4-5 years.


If you want to know more about Andrei Solomon, don’t forget check the following out:

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