Hawaiian Tree Bones, Infrared Time-lapse by Gary Yost


The twisted, graceful mamane trees, with their gray-green, lacy foliage and golden, sweet-pea-like flowers, are an integral part of the native Hawaiian upland forests – Discover more

Haunting time-lapse portrayal of ancient Hawaiian Mamane tree bones on the Big Island using an infrared camera to emphasize their amazing shapes: this is what Gary Yost had in mind when he started this project.

Time-Lapse experimentation brought to the next level

Gary Yost is the author of one of the most read and shared tutorial at Time Lapse Network “Why should you create time-lapse stories, not just sequences“.

If you haven’t read it yet – and we recommend you to do it just after watching his experimental video – Gary states:

Experiment with seamlessly combining time-lapse, real-time and even slow-motion cinematography. Assign yourself a task to play with these techniques in a test film and see how they expand your horizons into areas that you previously didn’t realize were available to you.

This is exactly what he did with the Mamane piece!

All it took was one shot, combining slow-motion videography with the time-lapse scene, to intensify the emotional impact of the piece exponentially. It doesn’t take much!


Shot with a 650 nanometer infrared conversion by Lifepixel, posted in After Effects and Final Cut Pro X.

It took Gary many months to get the permits to film on that land. Was it worth it?
Watch it now, and have your say leaving a comment!

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