Goodyear’s Blimp Build: a corporate time lapse video


In this very short time lapse video released on Goodyear’s YouTube Channel, the Company showcases its well known Blimp’s built process!

Goodyear blimps are non-rigid, which means that their shape does not foresee an internal structure and is fitted with air–filled ballonets.

In over 50 years, very few people have been allowed to enter and enjoy a trip on this gorgeous piece of technical work! 🙂


Showcasing the biggest blimp ever built: do you like it? Have your say, and leave a comment!


Equipment Used

Cameras: n.d.
Lenses: n.d.
Slider/Dolly: n.d.
Other info: n.d.


Show your support: visit Goodyear on YouTube

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