Explore St. Maarten in a 4K Flow Motion video by Tyler Fairbank

Spend less than a week in an extraordinary place, have fun, enjoy your life and create a stunning short Flow Motion video in the meanwhile.

This is professional photographer Tyler Fairbank, talking about this video:

This is my first take on the Flow Motion technique created by Rob Whitworth. The man’s a time-lapse wizard.
Flow Motion opens up many doors in how to capture a location and in turn, how to seamlessly connect one place to the next.

Tyler spent a week on this island in the Caribbean, which is the smallest island divided between two nations. On just 34 sq. miles, the Dutch side “Sint Maarten” and the French side “Saint Martin” each have their own airport.
Shot on the Canon 5DsR and Canon 5D Mark III, edited in LRTimelapse and After Effects.

Music by Andre Gaskins
Sounds mainly from

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