Experience Venice without humans: the Silence of the Seagulls


Every year, 20 million tourists visit this unique World Heritage Site, along with its lagoon: this means there will never be a day without thousands of people around! Imagine you can experience Venice.. totally empty: Gregoric and Jesenicnik have made it possible!

Venice is a city sited on a group of 117 small islands separated by canals, and linked by bridges.

It took over two years to realise this time-lapse short, where the human presence was artificially erased.

A vibrant flow of bodies is a constantly repeated figure in the 24 hours’ life of the city, built on wooden piles.

The aim of this unique short film has been to create a shocking visual effect of empty space in the city, as seen through a complete absence of the human factor.

says its author.

venice timelapse seagulls timelapse 01


A special time-lapse that deserves your attention, just like MilaNobody, the city of Milano with no human beings.

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