Experience the Stunning Elemental Scenery of Iceland

An impressive time-lapse journey through the dramatic and elemental scenery of Iceland set to a fittingly dramatic and moody orchestral sound track.

Brooding dark scenery flows into light as majestic mountains and pounding waterfalls stun the eyes in this wonderful video by TimeFocusFilms. Oh yes – there is ice too!

Unrestrained Iceland – an epic adventure around this beautiful country. Iceland is so much varied, sometimes I felt like on another planet! Here you can fulfill your dreams…to see firsthand icebergs, lava, thermal springs, aurora borealis, papuchalks, orcas, whales, trolls, amazing landscapes and many more!

Some details from our trip:
14 days / 3600 km / 3 friends / 1 burned car / 6 tons of adventure / 2 falls from the cliff / 0 injuries / 1 snowstorm / 1x we got into local television 😀

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