Experience Africa’s wildest and darkest skies in a stunning 4K time-lapse adventure

From its magical sunrises and sunsets, to one of the planets darkest skies, this 4K time-lapse journey through Malawi features some of the planet’s most gorgeous sky phenomena.

Adrien Mauduit shared with us the following details on his video:

As I was accompanying a group of students from Odsherred Efterskole, Denmark on a trip to Malawi for a week, I took advantage of the little time off I had to take some pictures. In cooperation with Francis Botha, local citizen and employed at NGO Danish Church Aid, we toured the African country from South to North, helping me find diverse locations and scenes to best capture what I had in mind. 

Malawi is the fourth poorest and among the least-developed countries in the world, relying almost exclusively on agriculture. As the latter is dependent of the capricious and sensitive climate, the land regularly suffers from extremes: droughts or floods. In spite of the sadening conditions, Malawi has by far the most welcoming and warm-hearted people on Earth, hence their motto: ‘The warm heart of Africa’. No matter where we ended up, we would be acclaimed with vibrant and transcending chants. Local communities opened their hearts, their homes and shared the little food they had with us, while we remorsefully reminisced about the selfishness of western countries. 

The south-east African country has everything to offer, from its wildlife to its beautiful landscapes. However it has one thing that beats all and that made the subject of my shots: its skies. ‘THAMBO’, the title of my short film means ‘sky, clouds’ in Chichewa (central region and official language of Malawi). Malawi can now be renowned for its virtually pollution-free and dark skies, and possesses some incredible sky phenomena that can be witnessed year-round. From its orange sunsets or sunrise to its thunderstorms and incredible cloud formations over Lake Malawi, the country counts among the darkest places I have ever seen to observe the milky way and the night sky. Even downtown Lilongwe (the capital) and the moon cannot wash out the milky way entirely! Some of the shots were taken when we were in town, and you can see a bit of haze from light pollution, but that would never be possible in Europe or in the LA valley! Can you spot the following in the video: shooting stars, lightning, the Carina Nebula, rainbows, moon iridescence…

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