Stunning mountains from Portugal to Spain, time-lapsed

In this clip we take you up into the Mountains of Portugal and Spain.

We visit the areas of Serra da Estrela and Geres in Portugal, Picos de Europa, Pyrenees and the mountains of northern Spain.

Lionsmith Studio shared with us the following details on his video, polished using LRTimelapse:

In Summer 2018 we traveled from the Algarve through the Mountains of Portugal and northern Spain. Already in the beginning of the trip when we had to outrun the bushfires in Algarve I broke my slider and so this work became a little bit back to the roots. But staing outside in the mountains was again a incredible experience and nature give us some amazing views of its own. In times when the impacts of climate change are coming closer, understanding the beauty and fragility of nature is the first step in a future worth living. My special thanks goes to Savfk who composed this amazaing music on our pictures!


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