Exciting Weather-chasing time-lapse videos of Arizona

A deftly-edited series of weather time-lapse videos showing dramatic examples of Arizona clouds, storms and lightening with a marvellously apt sound track.

The result of 4,500 miles and nearly 50,000 frames (not nearly all made it into the final video of course) captured over 3 months, and cleaned up using LRTimelapse!

Each monsoon season here in Arizona (mid June to mid July) I spend many of my off-hours chasing storms and wild weather.
Three months, 4500 miles and almost 50,000 frames captured between 2 cameras. Several stops by police (for trespassing), border patrol (wondering why I was skulking near the Mexican border in the dark at 1am) and the DEA (thinking I was involved in a drug deal that went awry). It was a fun season!
This year I was much more purposeful while chasing and shooting, considering what I was capturing. Trying to be more creative both out in the field and later in post-processing on the computer. I was also a lot more careful in post-processing while cleaning up the myriad bugs and birds that LOVE to flit about in front of the camera (don’t even get me started on that issue…)
I shoot with two Canon 6D camera bodies, Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, Rokinon 35mm f/1.8, and a Canon 24-105m f/4.0. Occasionally I’ll use a few other lenses, but not so often. The two Rokinon lenses are by far my favorite due to their pin-sharp focus and because they’re manual focus lenses without an automatic aperture. It makes ALL the difference when shooting time-lapse photography. My post-processing is done in Adobe Lightroom CC on Mac OS. Alongside Lightroom I use the amazing LRTimelapse by Gunther Wegner.

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