Enjoy a beautiful journey through the undisturbed nature of Norway

Nature’s beauty can be so easily missed. It is my hope that this film will contribute to a deeper understanding and gratitude of the natural wonders in our world and to the preservation of our fragile environment in the future.

Casper Rolsted shared with us the following details on his video, which was created on a Sony A6300:

All shot are made in 2017 were I had the pleasure to travel around Norway two times. First two weeks in May where I had the pleasure to experience the spectacular fruit blossom at the Hardangerfjord, the beautiful Sognefjellet and Hardangervidda covered in snow and the lakes Oldevatnet and Lovatnet with amazing still water. My second trip to Norway was in July where I had three interesting weeks visiting the colourful mountains in Rondane, the snowy mountains in Folgefonna and the deep blue fjord at Geiranger.


If you want to know more about Casper Rolsted, don’t forget check the following out:

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