Beyond Bohemia: Magic Horizons


Become spellbound by the horizons of the Bohemian landscape. A new time-lapse video shot in Czech Republic by Stephan Messner.

Found in the heart of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, the České středohoří landscape is one that holds so much natural beauty it is hard to take in in one go.

The seasons are captured wonderfully, the snow covered slopes contrasting perfectly with the summer landscape. Most of the footage for this timelapse is wide horizon shots that show the picturesque nature of the landscape as a whole, with a few frames that move in closer to specific landmarks and elements that give an indication of the character of the České středohoří.

The use of birdsong at the beginning and end of the timelapse give a feeling of the animal life that inhabits the landscape without ever seeing a single bird or animal in any of the frames. The music, “Struggle for Pleasure” by Wim Mertens works well with the camera footage, the simple piano refrain that gradually builds and changes as the video progresses, the melody being taken up by different instruments as new elements of the landscape is revealed.

Our favourite part of this timelapse was the clouds swirling between the mountains take on a life of their own. First looking like a torrent of water surging between the mountains, then looking like white horses leaping in and out of the cloud bank, galloping in the air above the mountains and then dancing like wisps above the treetops – all creating a sense of magic and wonder around these beautiful mountains.

This timelapse was clearly made by someone who not only knows the area well but has a love and a passion for the landscape, being able to not only capture the different seasons in such a stunning way but also how the night interacts with the land, the lights flowing over the mountains, hills and fields like molten rivers with occasional zipping lights that fade ever so gradually into the grew light of dawn that casts a magical aurora over the place.

magic horizons timelapse 2015 01


Stephan Messner did a great job here, don’t you think?

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