Amazing Earth Lapse shows our planet from an astronaut’s point of view


French artist Guillaume Juin created one of the most amazing Earth-lapse videos out there, grabbing something like 80GB data from NASA’s “Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit”. Introducing Astronaut.

Did you ever wonder..

what does astronaut see from up there? From the red soil of Africa, the blue water of oceans, to the green lights of the poles and yellow light of human activity, discover, through this journey to space, something astoundingly beautiful and strange at the same time.

I wanted to do something different from what has been done before with those shots. Something more dynamic and fast. After all, ISS travel through space at 28.000km/h!

The International Space Station weights 377 tons, orbits the earth at around 350km from the surface, and does one spin around the earth in 1h30, at 28.000k/h!

At 1’11 we can see a little refueling shuttle desintegrating back to Earth. At 1’20, it’s a little telecom satellite that is launch in orbit. The little green and purple lights you can see at 1’57 are respectively fishing boats and oil platforms offshore with the big city of Bangkok nearby.


Enjoy Astronaut by Guillaume JUIN, and discover our Mother Earth from an unbeatable point of view!

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