Stunning video reveals which cameras NASA astronauts use to shoot time-lapse in space

Professional photographer Oliver Kmia used some of the thousands of images available at the NASA Johnson Space Center to create a new amazing Earth-lapse video. Guess what interesting fact he learned by analysing the EXIF data…

Oliver is specialised in Aerial Videography, Time-lapse and Hyperlapse videos. But he wanted to create an amazing Earth-Lapse too. After checking the EXIF from the pics, he saw that these sequences were mostly shot with Nikon equipment!

Interesting, uh? 😀

Timelapse taken from the International Space Station over the earth at an average altitude of 300km (190 miles). Orbiting at 27,600 km/h (17,100 mph), the ISS circles the blue planet in only 90 minutes. This giant space station is equivalent in weight of a Boeing-747.

Took me a lot of work to achieve because the photo were only available in JPEG and the astronauts love to shoot in AWB and set weird expo settings (i.e f/1.4, ISO2000, 1/4000…). I don’t blame the guys, they have plenty of stuff to do and this is already great to get this resource from NASA.
Fortunately LRTimelapse come to the rescue once again to clean the sequences.

A huge thanks to the NASA astronauts who took the time in their busy schedules to shoot these amazing timelapse.

Fun fact: the EXIF from the pic reveals that these sequence were mostly shot with Nikon D3S (12mpx). A minority was done with Nikon D2x and D4. Apparently the D5 didn’t make it to space yet (or the pic are not available).

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