IguanaLapse iOS, the App to create professional time-lapse with iPhone, iPad and iPod


There are now many apps that allow owners of smartphones and tablets to make time-lapse, but often they lack of advanced features and they don’t allow you to produce a well-made movie. IguanaLapse does what it promises: it is the first real app for professionals in the time-lapse. We have tried it: let’s discover it together!


7 March 2017
We’re sorry to let you know that the project has been phased out, hence the IguanaLapse cannot be found on the AppStore anymore.

IguanaLapse, in a short introduction

IguanaLapse is an application developed for Apple devices based on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) that lets you:

  • Achieve time-lapse videos using the cameras built into Apple devices
  • Having total control over exposure, point of focus, and white balance, so as to eliminate the flickering from the video natively
  • Set variable intervals to get the ramping of exposure, or even based on the GPS coordinates for your DriveLapses
  • Export video in Full HD 1080p or 720p
  • Take individual photographs, benefiting from the above controls
  • Intervalometer function as a real one, then drive its DSLR (through a separate interface cable, sold separately)
  • Have on hand a number of useful and excellent tools to keep the situation under control
  • Integrated with Galileo Motrr

Galileo Motrr

Useful Tools for Time-lapser “On the Go”

The best thing of IguanaLapse is that… you can delete all the other apps: for real! Imagine that you no longer need an app like Timelapse Calculator to manage the length of the final video output, or to find out how often shoot to make a session last a certain amount of time. Now imagine not having even need of a tool that will aid you in figuring out how much space on the CF you need to create a sequence with your DSLR: IguanaLapse provides a practical and customised system,according to your camera, able to tell you exactly how many gigabytes the sequence will be, eliminating surprises. Imagine, as icing on the cake, to not even need to have the native app to take simple photographs, since this provides to do some checks on the pictures that the iOS does not give you. The all in one solution at a cost of approx. € 10.

IguanaLapse Recensione Review

1 Application, 3 different operative modes

The application, available for now only on the AppStore, offers 3 different modes of operation. Those below are the salient features and differences between the three:

IguanaLapse iOS IguanaLapse Plus IguanaLapse PRO (coming soon)
Photography with advanced controls  Yes  Yes  Yes
Time-Lapse Videos with internal camera  Yes  Yes  Yes
Tool TimeLapse Calculator  Yes  Yes  Yes
Tool Storage Calculator  Yes  Yes  Yes
External Intervalometer  –  Basic  Advanced
Bulb Ramping  –  Yes  Yes
Live View  –  –  Yes
Auto Pilot  –  –  Yes
Hardware Needed  –  IguanaMill Dongle  IguanaCube
Price $9,99 $9,99 + $35 per Dongle $9,99 + $499 per IguanaCube

To buy IguanaLapse it is enough to connect to the AppStore, while if you are looking for more information you should visit the site IguanaLapse Dongle

Video Time-lapse realised with IguanaLapse

We will publish soon here a short video made with IguanaLapse own! Stay tuned!

and you, what do you think?

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