World’s first time lapse shot on 102 megapixel Fujifilm GFX100 camera

This is the first-ever time lapse film shot on Fujifilm GFX100, a 102 megapixel monster.

Beno Saradzic captured the frames at 12k, edited and mastered the time lapse at 8k and uploaded in 4k.

All scenes were shot in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Beno shared with us the following details on his video, which was polished using LRTimelapse:

When Fujifilm asked me if I’d be interested in trying out an early prototype of their hotly anticipated GFX100 medium format camera, I didn’t even let them finish the sentence before I grabbed the camera and ran out with it. It was one of just 7 existing bodies in the world…

I quickly scoured for rooftops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, shooting whatever scenery was in sight. I was dying to see what a 12k sensor could produce. I was expecting impressive results, but nothing prepared me for the images I was seeing at on my 4k monitor, blown up at 100%. The clarity, sharpness, vibrance and the resolution of the photos produced by the GFX100 is absolutely astounding. I thought I’d never need a camera above and beyond 50 megapixels. I was so wrong. I don’t see myself shooting with anything less than 100 megapixels now. It’s such a revelation to have so much detail in the images which would otherwise be lost. This camera motivated me to re-shoot my most favourite pictures so they can end up as 6 feet long mounted fine art prints.
Let me try to illustrate just how big the images taken with GFX100 are; you could fill a rectangular grid of 12 (twelve!!!) 4k monitors, with just one picture taken with this camera!
I’m used to capturing 8k images and downsampling them to more workable 4k and 2k time lapses. But 100 megapixel images captured with the GFX100 are natively 12k. To output this time-lapse film, they had to be downsampled to 8k, the resolution at which this film was mastered. That made my twin Xeon CPU workstation with 24 physical cores, twin NVidia Titan cards and 128GB RAM scream in agonizing pain for several hours during the h.265 encoding….


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