View a Nightmarish Time-Lapse of Plant Growth

Ludi Florales is a darkly unusual collection of short stop-motion video clips by Alessandro Bavari of plant and fungus growth crash edited with a jarring thrash metal theme music.

The entire thing has a rather creepy and edgy feel. Alessandro has created a nightmarish theme as plants, mushrooms and slime moulds squirm and writhe their way across a blackened background. The video clip is just under 5 minutes long.

The Stars are a wriggling plantago major, some writhing cress seedlings and some creeping roots along with an umbellifer opening. This might not be the way you expect to see timelapse videos and the music is not to my taste, but it is certainly original in its style. The harsh editing and shakey photography kind of adds to the slightly disturbing effect of the video.

– The total processing time: 18 months
– Stop Motion: 15 days
– Size of frames: 40 megapixel
– Amounts of plants shooting: 60
– Speed shooting: from 25/50 per day to 100 fps
– Time-lapse required for each sequence: 07/15 days, 24 h. per day.
– Lenses used: Macro 240 mm, Wide Angle 45 mm, Zoom 80-160 mm, Tele 75 mm on PENTAX 645D.
– Number of shots: 12.000
– Lights: radio-controlled Compact Flashes
– Survival lights: 150 watt x 2, 24 h. per day
– Insect infestation: 2 times.
– Intoxication: 1 time, from mushrooms, with cortisone treatment.

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