This Magical 4k timelapse captures incredible scenic beauty in all seasons from a single mountain peak

Captured entirely from an alpine mountaintop, this timelapse showcases unbeatable views over the city of Vancouver, as well as out over endless mountain ranges, through incredible sunrises and sunsets, under the stars and northern lights, and all types of weather conditions.

Nathan Starzynski shared with us the following details on his video:

The day I first set foot on Mount Seymour, I knew it would have a lasting profound impact on me. Located on Vancouver’s North Shore, the mountain looks down over the vibrant and pulsing city to the South, while the Coast Mountains stretch endlessly to the North. For 3 years, I returned on and off to seek inspiration, and to shoot as much timelapse as possible. Every time, I found a new and unique display of magic. I never tire of seeing the lights, the colours, the sunrise, the sunset, and just sitting back at peace above the world. This is the culmination of years of practice, countless pounds of equipment carried, many sleepless nights, and 100s of hours of editing.

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