Piece of Somiedo, by Daniel Santos

Watch the magnificent mountains of Somiedo Natural Park in Northern Spain unfold before your eyes.

Not as famous and well known as Picos de Europa, the Somiedo Natural Park (a 2h30m drive from the first) also has a magnificent mountain scenery, beautiful lakes and breathtaking natural beauty.
Probably the fact that it is less well known and not as trendy is what makes the asturian essence stronger and more noticeable in Somiedo, making it more genuine and true.
The images were captured during a four days trip (August 2014) in this beautiful place located in Northern Spain, the video took about a year to assemble (very slowly).
No fancy gear or careful planning, just a couple of cameras (Canon G12 and Samsung NX100) and a motorized telescope head (Skywatcher Acuter Merlin) controlled by an early version of the RoMotion software (
Music: “Everlasting Sunset” by Max Brodie (

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