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Michael Shainblum is finally back with a new time-lapse video after one year, and trust us: he definitely still rocks!

Created using the Dynamic Perception slider with eMotimo TB3:

I have taken quite a long hiatus from creating timelapse films. My last full video was released over a year ago. Recently I have gained some inspiration to start working on new films both in timelapse and aerial.
This little teaser video includes some of my favorite shots from 2014 and 2015. Some of which were shot on my roadtrip stormchasing.
Locations in order:
– Santa Barbara, California
– Great Plains, Oklahoma
– Amarillo, Texas
– Death Valley, California
– Great Plains, Eastern Colorado
– Yosemite National Park, California
– Santa Ynez, California
– Monument Valley, Arizona Utah
– Mono Lake, California
– San Diego, California
– Great Plains, Eastern Colorado
– Alabama Hills, California
I am super excited to be back at it again and I hope you all enjoy this quick timelapse short.
Music: James Everingham – Matchless

Equipment Used

Cameras: n.a.
Lenses: n.a.
Slider/Dolly: Dynamic Perception
Other info: eMotimo TB3


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