Northern Skies 4K, by Gunther Wegner

Northern Skies 4K is a short film to show the beauty of the area north of the polar circle in winter time.

Created by Gunther Wegner made using his professional de-flickering tool LRTimelapse 4 Pro, Northern Skies is another 4K time-lapse video in our library.

I’ve shot Northern Skies 4k during two trips to Northern Norway in November and December 2015.

The music was composed and played by myself on the piano in one take, then I added the cello and pads in Cubase Pro. This is a premiere for me: the first time I composed and played my own soundtrack for a video. I think it adds a very personal aspect to the film and I really hope you like both, the music and the images.

I’ve used two Nikon D750 and a Nikon D810 with Sigma Art 20 f/1.4 and 24 f/1.4 lenses and the Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8. Slider was the Rhino-Slider controlled by the MDK-Controller.

Editing and rendering was all done on a full RAW-file basis in LRTimelapse 4 Pro. The single clips were exported as 6K Prores files and cut in Premiere Pro CC. The final cut and export from Premiere Pro happened in 4K.

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