Watch this new gorgeous lyric-lapse come to life!

A lyric-lapse is probably the ultimate time-lapse technique, extremely difficult to perform and therefore very rare to be found online!

Introducing the first lyric-lapse in 2017: Something on your Mind, by Italian professional photographer and video maker Daniele Piras.

Daniele is the same guy who did MilaNobody, do you remember him? After 4 years, he’s back to blow our minds with this new amazing video, shot in Spain in only 40 hours!

Daniele shared some interesting details on this with Time Lapse Network:

Well, after erasing a city like Milan, i don’t see any other barriers on my way…so i have said why don’t i make a music lapse?

Now that the video is finished i can insure you that it hasn’t being easy at all, from the pre post production, doing all the checking locations via google earth, dividing the lyrics, each verse, the sung for every single frame.

To make a time lapse is easy, it is enough to shoot much more then what you would need and then you can adjust it in post, speeding or chopping parts that are not interesting, but when you are talking about lip-synching things are different, you must have planed out the whole video in your head, bit by bit, no compromises…

Another complex aspect of making this video was the relation between myself and my client, she has been very patient but she repeatedly told me that this video was the most boring ever, well, how can i disagree…?

Because time and budget restriction we had to do the whole thing in 2 days and few hours in Ibiza, Spain.

I must say, those two days in Ibiza have been incredibly busy and tiring…, the evening of the first day of shooting, around 10 p.m, with almost 15 hours of work under the belt, we have dropped a camera and we broke our lens 16-35 canon f 2,8, the camera stopped working as well…thankfully we had another identical spare one and with a beautiful 24-70 canon f 2,8 we were able to put the project to bed.

Check it out, and please let us know what you think about it!

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