Mountains’ Souls: a new 4K time-lapse adventure

Professional photographer Enrico Righetti unveils the hidden secrets of his mountains in his new time-lapse shot with Nikon D610 and polished using LRTimelapse.

Enrico shared with us the following details on his video:

A photo besides a simple reminder can also give you an idea, a feeling, an emotion, sometimes even if you did not shoot it. In the last year I have traveled miles and miles of trails with my backpack to try to capture those unique and unrepeatable moments through which nature manifests itself. In fact, a sunset may be the same as the next one. Sometimes it was hard to tackle a climb, walk hours or get out of the sleeping bag to deal with frost outside the tent, but these images testify to the reward you have in experiencing those experiences and adventures. I hope that, accompanied by music, you can experience such emotions, contemplating the beauties that surround us even within a few hours from where we live. Finally, thank you to all those people who have had the urge and the passion to share with me a small or great part of this unforgettable adventure, even when the conditions were not the most favorable ones.


If you want to know more about Enrico Righetti, don’t forget check the following out:

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