Leave home: A New Zealand Timelapse Project

Wonderful collection of day and night time-lapses of landscapes and astrophotography of New Zealand set to a staccato thrash music backing track that compliments the excitement of the viewing.

From Manoj’s description:

I shot this timelapse using my old Canon 7D, Canon 20D IR & a borrowed Canon 60D from my friend and with various canon and sigma lenses.

I started working on this timelapse project by late 2013, but lost my attention due to many reasons; one being the busy job schedule. Also some of the footage that I shot were used for other projects. ‘Leave Home’ was shot from many locations in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 2014 then continued from Taupo & Auckland. The images were shot with Canon 20D, Canon 7D & 60D with various Canon & Sigma Lenses and batch processed with LR 5. Motion control was achieved by Dynamic Perception stage one dolly & Emotimo TB3 Black.

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