In Shadows – A total lunar eclipse short film shot in South America

From sunset to sunrise this short video shows the different stages of the lunar eclipse during a 13-hour time-lapse production by Leandro Pérez.

Leandro Pérez shared with us the following details on his video:

This was my third time shooting a lunar eclipse and I’ve been planning this since 2015 when I shot the last one. This time I wanted to do something different and decided to mix time-lapse with video.

Since I shot some timelapses of the eclipse last time, I knew exactly how to shoot this one, I only had to make a few changes to my compositions and decided to shoot everything with just a tripod and no motion control.

This time I planned almost 90% of the shot with PhotoPills, but used other software just to make sure everything was right. It was an event that wasn’t going to happen again in a long time, so I needed to make sure everything was perfect to not miss the shots.

I had a few issues with an intervalometer and a battery system I made for the camera, but luckily I had backups for everything so I was able to shoot despite this problems.

I captured 1990 pictures and 51 videos during the production of the short film. I used all the timelapses, but just a few of the videos.

We were lucky and had a perfect weather in Tinogasta, my hometown, where this was shot. It was a great night and I’m already looking forward to the solar eclipse in July that will be visible from Argentina, hoping to get good weather.


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