This 4k Hyperlapse showing the beauty of Buenos Aires is something amazing

Discover the architectural wonders of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in this short hyperlapse and dronelapse journey by professional timelapser Oliver KMIA.

Oliver shared with us the following details on his video, which was perfectly polished using LRTimelapse:

In 1914, half of Buenos Aires’s population was foreign-born, coming mainly from Italy. In the four decades leading up to 1914, GDP had grown at an annual rate of 6%, the fastest recorded in the world. Argentina ranked among the ten richest countries in the world ahead of France, Germany and Italy. This period was known as the “Belle Époque” and considerable fortunes were made in Buenos Aires. The new European settlers re-shaped the city based on the architectural standards of their homeland countries (mainly Italy, Spain and France). The curious visitor wandering around Buenos Aires may feel lost in Paris, Madrid or Rome because of the city’s stunning architecture and cosmopolitan atmosphere. In fact, Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of Latin America.
This is what I wanted to show in this video, the mix of the a glorious past and the promising future of this wonderful country.


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