Sleepless in Lucerne, a hyperlapse flight through the city

This video – created on Canon 6D and polished using LRTimelapse – shows the best of Lucerne at night between the Swiss mountains.

Oliver Schmid shared with us the following details on his video:

People often ask me if I used a drone. But no, I moved the tripod by hand shot after shot for the hyperlapse seqences.

After my milky way time lapse “Sleepless in Switzerland” I was looking for a new project. I wanted to try my first hyperlapse. After exercising the recording I realized that I need Adobe After Effects for the stabilization. Apple Motion and FCPX just couldn’t do it as well.

And while using After Effects I started to love it more and more. I began to ad some 3D Fonts and other effects just for fun. It’s the best way to learn it.

In total I spend about 54 hours recording in the city between November 2017 and March 2018. And about 150 hours editing on computer. In total I got 2.75 GB Data an 20’000 photos.

Unfortunately some hyperlapses are not perfect smooth. But you almost can’t see it on the phone (80% of my audience) but on bigger screen. I had to remove some photos taken from bridges as they moved when people walked sometimes. I really wanted a long exposure time on images with water.

Another challenge have been the people in the city. Some standing there where I need to go with my tripod. Other people jump in front of my camera and want me to take a photo of them. Which destroyed hours of my work.

I use the video footage not only for my YouTube and Vimeo. I realized that Instagram is a great tool to present time lapses too. Therefore I edit short clips in portrait format that can be looped for Insta. My best clip got 950 likes until now and was shared on many other popular Insta accounts. If you haven’t done it yet I recommend all time lapser to start their Insta and by the way don’t forget to follow me 😉

I have some more information and photos on my website but it is in German:


If you want to know more about Oliver Schmid, don’t forget check the following out:

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